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"Colorado Calling" 2017 Snow Globe

As Queen Of Snow Globes, I’ve made custom pieces for some of Hollywood’s most-loved stars including Steve Martin, Quentin Tarantino, Kurt Russell, Channing Tatum and Craig Ferguson.

Following on from 2016’s “WinterGreen”, I’m very proud to announce my new 2017 Limited Edition snow globe “Colorado Calling”. Only fifty snow globes in this exclusive design are now available to order at a fraction of the cost of my single custom globes. 

“Since 2011, my business “Queen Of Snow Globes” has become the go-to for
Hollywood’s elite, and some of the world’s most influential companies.”

Only 50 Snow Globes Available

Each year, I produce a Limited Edition annual snow globe, in extremely limited numbers.
My Limited Edition designs feature the most intricate sculptures, hand painting, and a stamp denoting the edition year.

Gorgeous Design

2017’s unique and beautiful 120mm glass globe design features a hand-sculpted, hand-painted log cabin, surrounded by majestic mountains and snow covered fir trees. A steam train chugs around the mountain in the distance. The metallic ice blue brushed base features an enticing invitation: “Let’s find some beautiful place to get lost”. The globe is delivered to you in a glossy black gift box, with silk insert.

Limited Production

With a production run of only 50 pieces, this snow globe promises to be extremely limited. Each hand made globe is stamped with its edition year (2017) and the Queen Of Snow Globes logo. This collector’s piece is a unique piece of art that will stand the test of time, providing a truly beautiful gift for you or someone you love.

Purchase Now

Production has completed on the 50 snow globes, and stock is now shipping – order before December 15th for Christmas delivery! With Queen Of Snow Globes experiencing a growing demand for high profile projects, the Limited Edition “Colorado Calling” snow globe is destined to become a classic. Order now to secure one of only 50 pieces world-wide, for just $179 + $19 flat rate world-wide shipping. 

The Queen's Lifetime Warranty

The Queen’s Lifetime Warranty protects your snow globe against water loss or defects, for as long as The Queen lives. If your snow globe ever has a problem, I will repair or replace it completely at my cost. 

My single Custom Snow Globes
sell for as much as $1599 USD each.
But at just $179, my Limited Edition snow globes are extremely affordable collector pieces. 


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Limited Edition 2017

2016's Limited Edition Snow Globe

The Queen's customers were delighted with the 2016 Limited Edition Snow Globe "WinterGreen".


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Production Gallery

Inspired by my log cabin stay in Colorado in January 2017, I know that every time I shake up "Colorado Calling" I'll be reminded of the wild beauty of Black Hawk.


Order your Limited Edition 2017 Snow Globe before they sell out.

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