When Lisa Did The Crystal Ball Expo

A good snow globe friend of mine, Andy Zito, is one of the most prolific snow globe collectors in the world.

Recently, Andy offered to very kindly donate some snow globes to an expo in Hong Kong, the “Crystal Ball Expo”. In return for his donation, Andy was offered the chance to attend the event, but he was already committed to another engagement and couldn’t attend. He asked if I would like to go, and sadly I was also unavailable, being scheduled for a surgery around that time. But I did donate one of my Limited Edition 2016 snow globes. So, Andy and I agreed that in our place, we should send the very lovely Lisa Coutts, also an avid snow globe collector and a children’s illustrator.

Readers of The Queen’s Blog may remember Lisa from an early post – her collection is amazing! With some help from me, we hatched up a plan for Lisa to do a snow globe making demonstration, and to be a representative for both myself and Andy at the event.

I’m so jealous, as it looks like Lisa had an amazing time. I know she was spoiled rotten by Josephine, the event organiser. Just look at these gorgeous pics!


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