Melbourne Bridal Expo

Loved it!

The Day We Did The Bridal Expo

On Sunday January 11th I set off at 5am to head into the city of Melbourne, where the Melbourne Bridal Expo was being held.

Blissfully happy that the weather was lovely and mild (rather than a stupid hot January day) I still lugged and sweated it out on the Saturday, getting a ton of stock and lovely display items onto the expo floor.

QoSG-128Thankfully I had some help from my most wonderful and gorgeous friends Hailee and Caz, who assisted in setting everything up, and who also helped me out on the day.

Actually, if it wasn’t for Hailee (who has the eye of a design queen), my display would have been a disaster…I may have an eye for snow globes, but for bridal expo design I do not.

Thank goodness for Hailee, who looked at me with something only slightly short of disdain some months prior to the expo, when I told her I would “just get some Ikea stuff” for the display.

“No. No no no no NO” was her reply. Uh oh. Then she pointed out the clincher.

“Honey, you’re right at the front door – you’re the first thing people are going to see when they walk in. You don’t want to do Ikea. Trust me.”

Errrr ok then. Clearly I have miscalculated this entire thing. Abort abort!

Well, that’s not entirely true. I trust Hailee implicitly so I begrudgingly agreed that I clearly had no artistic vision and I would have to leave the entire thing to her. Which, I might add, she was happy to do. Saved!

IMG_4695A couple of weeks later, Hails revealed her vision. That’s her visual to the left. Well yes, that’s all lovely, but where am I going to get a wingback chair and a glitter covered tree?

“Don’t worry, it will all be totally easy” she said. I set about worrying.

But you know what? Things have a funny way of working out when you have a clear vision. A week or two later, Hailee told me she’d seen a fairy light covered tree in a Christmas display window at Lululemon in DFO Moorabbin.

Being a fearless young creature, unaffected by the ravages and self doubts of old age like me, Hailee went in and asked what might be the tree’s fate after Christmas? “It’s yours if you want it”, was the answer.

IMG_4796IMG_4793Huh, well there you go, tree sorted. And for free. Getting it out of there and fitting it into Hailee’s car was another story, but we did it. Thanks Lululemon, you rock!

I was also very lucky to be provided with a gorgeous faux wedding cake to show off one of my Cake Topper Snow Globes.

I have to admit to eating a few too many pieces, for which Caz told me off smartly. To which I told her that I’m the Queen and I’ll do what I want. Thanks Tess, you rock!

Next challenge was the chair – Caz’s sister came to the rescue on that one with the gorgeous black velvet wingback. Thanks Jenny, you rock!

And getting everything in there with two return trips from Dromana? Thanks Dad, you rock!

QoSG-13Hailee’s husband Phil helped out with some amazing photography – check out his Flickr Profile. Thanks Phil, you rock!

So, it was an incredibly rewarding weekend of hard work, sore muscles, lost voices and tons of laughs. Oh, and some beautiful Brides To Be, who all seemed enamoured with my work. What a fun way to kick off the new year!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who helped me – I’m so so so lucky to have such amazing friends and family who would give of their time and entire weekend just to help me with my little business. I love you all so much. xxx

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  1. Hailee

    Oh lovely queen, it was a pleasure to serve you! You are an inspiration, and I am so proud of your work and your passion for something handcrafted and unique. What a hoot we had too. I’d be honoured to do it all over again in a heartbeat 🙂 xxx

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