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2016 marks 4 years since I officially launched Queen Of Snow Globes, and I’m so excited to announce my second ever Limited Edition design, “WinterGreen“.

cherry-blossom-snow-globeLast year I kicked off my annual Limited Edition range with “Cherry Blossom Time” – a gorgeous hand sculpted cherry blossom tree (or “sakura” as it’s known in Japan), with a meditation seat underneath, and an inscription on the base reading “In the cherry blossom’s shade, there is no such thing as a stranger” – a quote from Japanese poet Issa. The entire setting was brought to life by pink “blossom” snow and a dark fuschia glitter.

The “Cherry Blossom Time” design came about as a result of asking my followers to vote on their favourite design, and of four different designs I put forward, “Cherry Blossom Time” received the vast majority of votes.

That sold out within a few months, and I feel blessed to be in a position to create this new design, which is even closer to my heart. Even though I love “Cherry Blossom Time”, I really love “WinterGreen” on a different level.

For starters, I love foxes. Yes, I know how much of a pest they are for farmers, and that’s certainly something I have no experience with. But as a child, I read Roald Dahl’s “Fantastic Mr. Fox” and felt an affinity for these gorgeous animals ever since. Here’s a few reasons why:

They’re like the cutest combination of a dog and a cat, and I just can’t resist them as a result.

So when I was luxuriously thinking about what my special 2016 design would be, I wanted simplicity, beautiful design, and I wanted it to feature a fox. Having also produced some snow globes for a Native American Tribe this past year which featured sculptures of native Californian Redwood Trees, I wanted to include those as well. Nature and animals – you can’t beat that combo for beauty IMO!

Finally, I have a thing for green, especially emerald metallic green. So the base had to be this finish, and I chose a beautiful inscription from poet Rumi for the base – “Do not feel lonely – the entire Universe is within you”.

I also wanted to step up the customer experience this year, so I’ve included at no extra cost a beautiful glossy black gift box, with a silk insert, which holds the globe safely and makes for a beautiful “unboxing experience”. And of course, the Limited Edition certificate is also provided, signed by me.

I’ve only produced 50 of these globes, and even though they’re not your average priced snow globe, I think they represent amazing value, given their exclusive nature and unique design. You can find out all the details and order yours now!

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WinterGreen Limited Edition Snow Globe from Queen Of Snow Globes on Vimeo.






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