Acton Town Hall

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Client Acton Town Hall

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Maryjane from Acton Town Hall in Boston, Massachusetts, wanted to re-create a memorial snow globe that had been made by another company, since closed down.

The globes are to be given to long-serving staff members as appreciation gifts for years served.

We did quite a few revisions of both the sculpt and the paint finish for this globe, and you can certainly see the amount of detail. The sculpture itself is about 5cm in width, so I’m very pleased with the results here and I know that Maryjane and the team at Acton Town Hall are too.

Hi Leah, good news! Our snow globes arrived today – we only opened one and we love it. Just beautiful…Thank you so much….Maryjane

Thanks to Maryjane for choosing me to make these beautiful pieces and for her patience along the way as we worked to ensure that the setting was perfect.

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