Daft Punk Custom Glass Ornaments

custom christmas ornaments bulk order - daft punk & queen of snow globes

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Client Daft Punk

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My very first custom Christmas ornaments bulk order is with SUCH a huge name – the iconic, very famous and much loved pop duo “Daft Punk”. These custom glass ornament pairs have been a brilliant way for my company to expand into offering hand-blown custom glass ornaments – something I’ve wanted to do for a long, long time.

glass ornaments daft punk helmetsThe Limited Edition custom glass ornament pairs are inspired by the Daft Punk Discovery era robot helmets, glass blown from hand sculpted forms and electroplated in gold and silver lacquer.

The effect is topped off with printed decals saying “MERRY” and “XMAS” in the style of red laser lights, to represent Daft Punk’s famous helmet messages. And finally, the gold helmet also features coloured blocks on each side to represent the much-loved discovery era helmet lights.

These exciting new ornaments came about when I started working with the duo’s marketing team on their 2017 snow globes, and I mentioned that I was able to also produce glass ornaments. This fantastic group of people put their trust in my company to produce these very high profile pieces, and I’m extremely grateful and excited to have been given this opportunity.

The ornament pairs are currently for sale at Daft Punk’s website.

If you’re interested in placing a custom Christmas ornaments bulk order, or just want to know more about my production process, check out all the information here: Custom Glass Christmas Ornaments

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