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I remember the TV show “St. Elsewhere”, although I wasn’t old enough at the time to watch it. But in more recent times I became very familiar with the final scene, thanks to another custom snow globe I was asked to make for Craig Ferguson’s Late Late Show finale.

You see, when Craig’s final show aired, many of his fans pointed out how the final scene was a nod to a number of famous TV show finales, including “St Elsewhere” and “The Sopranos”. Here’s the final scene of St Elsewhere, in case you’ve never seen it.

So it’s fair to say I was quite familiar with this classic St Elsewhere snow globe when Jonathan contacted me, asking me to make a replica as a gift for his boss – a US Television Network President who was involved with the show back then.

cdn.indiewireThe idea came about when, on his first day in the job, someone at the network asked the president what his favourite TV show was, and he replied that it was “St. Elsewhere.”

It was a show that Jonathan grew up watching and also absolutely loved, so he decided to try and find a small replica of the snow globe, thinking it would make a lovely gift.


I was surprised and saddened to learn that such a thing wasn’t easily available. Stumbling across your website was an absolute blessing, and I think he’s going to be completely flabbergasted when he sees it…Jonathan


St E 3D artworkWe decided the best way to create a faithful representation of the classic snow globe would be to use 3D printing to create the hospital sculpture.

My good friend Charmain at Norwood Printing came to the rescue, with their design team creating the hospital in 3D artwork.

This was then sent off to the USA to be custom 3D printed, then sent all the way back to me here in Melbourne, Australia to be hand painted by my other good friend, John from Brunel Hobbies and World Crisis In Miniature.

St E paintedI think you’d have to agree, he did a sensational job, right?

The model then needed to be mounted on the globe setting, sealed and sprinkled with snow, then assembled inside the globe.

This is a large 150mm design, so it took a few days to settle down completely. It’s now absolutely perfect and, I think, very impressive.

I hope this recreation does justice to the original, and brings much happiness to Jonathan’s boss. 🙂

He got it today and was SPEECHLESS. It’s now sitting on the windowsill in his office next to a basketball used in High School Musical (signed by the entire cast) and two of his Kids Choice Awards…

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    1. Leah Andrews

      Hi there, thanks for your comment! Both the St Elsewhere snow globe and the Craig Ferguson snow globes were single custom pieces made for individual clients (one of them being for CBS for the final Craig Ferguson show). Although I was not able to get permission from CBS to make replicas of the CF globe, we could certainly produce a St Elsewhere globe for you as a single custom piece. Please visit my single custom globes page and if you would like to order, just complete the form at the bottom of the page. Here’s the link:
      All the best, Leah

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