HBO’s Westworld

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Being a big fan of HBO’s amazing sci-fi series Westworld, I was so excited to produce these stunning custom pieces, which were given as cast and crew gifts at the wrap of Season 3 filming. The featured figure is a “drone” from the series, one of the lifelike robots produced to look altogether human, and to populate the ultimate role-play reality landscape they unwittingly inhabit. With Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Thandie Newton, Evan Rachel Wood and the lovely James Marsden starring, I highly recommend the series as an entirely unique and enthralling piece of modern television.

To ensure as much fine detail as possible, this inner setting was initially created using 3D sculpting software. This allowed us to represent the very specific fine patterning of the drone and to ensure that the “arabesque” position matched that of the original scene perfectly. Once the 3D design was finalised, this was then printed as a miniature model in order to produce the quantities. The blind debossed white base adds to the minimalist approach this design takes, and with the white snow, it’s definitely one of my favourite designs yet.


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