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Client Apgolf SC

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Seemingly out of the blue, Shenna from Aspen Art Museum asked The Queen to produce custom snow globes of the unique and iconic Museum in its Ajax Mountains setting. What’s funny is that two or three years ago, I sent a postcard to the museum, showing them what a custom globe of the building might look like and telling them how much I would love to produce snow globes for them! Shenna hadn’t seen that postcard, but perhaps the Universe sent her my vibes and enthusiasm for this incredible piece of architecture.







The wonderfully intricate setting we produced features the Ajax mountains sculpted as a backdrop to the museum. The unique “lattice” style panels on the outside of the museum posed a challenge for us – how to sculpt this setting so you could see the framework of the museum behind the lattice outer panels? It wouldn’t be possible to do this using regular relief sculpting. So instead, we sculpted the inner part of the building, and then produced 3D printed lattice walls to attach to the outside of the sculpture.

We were very lucky to have access to some detailed visuals of all sides of the museum and this allowed us to create a rather faithful miniature replica. Shenna was very pleased with the final result and was kind enough to give me her feedback.

Working with Leah was a dream. I’ve loved snow globes since I was a kid and having the opportunity to make one for the Aspen Art Museum with The Queen of Snow Globes has been incredible. I was continually impressed with her response time, attention to detail and clear communication from start to finish. Our globes turned out amazing, no easy feat to recreate a building like ours to scale! Do not pass on the opportunity to work with Leah and her team, they are the best in class when it comes to snow globes.

That, along with these gorgeous snow globes, really makes me smile 🙂

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