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The Queen of Snow Globes

I’m Leah and yes, I’m The Queen. Of Snow Globes, at least!

Queen Of Snow Globes is the culmination of years of dreaming, planning and working to build something meaningful.

Deep in my soul, I’m a dreamer. 

I dreamed of being my own boss, of having my own place in the business world. I dreamed of collaborating daily with like-minded people in a shared goal. But I never dreamed I’d be working with amazing people from all around the world, creating countless tiny “worlds of pure imagination”.

And that’s what snow globes really are. 
More than the sum of their parts – glass, resin and water – snow globes are the most magically portable miniature worlds.

They force you to stop, breathe and experience a moment of pure nostalgia and wonder. They encourage you to consider, for just a moment in time, what it would be like to be transported into their peaceful and safe world within. As you turn the globe in your hands, you stop to notice all the tiny, perfect detail – and you dream.

I hope my website and work gives you pause; a little moment to stop, breathe and enjoy a dream. Take a look at my video on the right and read more about how it all began. If I can help with a free quote, online consult and a 2D digital design, don’t hesitate to request a quote. I’d love to talk with you soon. 



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I’m in NYC but the snow globes have arrived in good order and they’re SO CUTE!

Steve Martin - Actor, Comedian, Musician

Custom Snow Globes testimonials

We love the snow globes, they are all very detailed and definitely a great creative gift.

Steffi - Mercedes Benz - Marketing Manager

Custom Snow Globes testimonials

This process has been a pleasure – I know everyone is going to love these. I will certainly send folks your way…

Jason Alexander - Actor, Comedian

Custom Snow Globes testimonials

The globes are a huge hit, we need to order more!

Duda - Calvin Klein - Marketing Manager