Best Fiends

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Client Seriously Digital Entertainment

Project Description

One of the coolest things about this project was the look on my teenage niece’s face when I told her I was making custom snow globes for Best Fiends – one of the world’s most popular smartphone games, and one of her favourites! With over 80,000,000 players, it’s one of the biggies. But really let’s be honest – the design is definitely the coolest part.

Produced for Tess and the lovely team at Seriously Digital Entertainment, we had a lot of fun replicating “Mount Boom”, one of the game’s key characters, complete with an inner fiery volcanic light switch. The sculpture of Mount Boom was created by hand, and then replicated in a mix of opaque and transparent resin. Using transparent resin for the area around his eyes means the inner light shines out through just this section, giving him a fiery, menacing and quite sentient look. He’s surrounded by a snowy landscape with miniature pine trees that contribute to his overall large presence.

The base has a wood look finish and the logo is debossed into the surface. I was very honoured to work on such a huge brand project and I’m so pleased with how the globes have turned out.

Working with Leah was one of the best consumer product experiences we’ve had. She’s positive, incredibly responsive, detail-oriented, and thinks out of the box to make your snow globe-desires come to life. She has definitely earned the title Queen of Snow Globes.

Tess, Marketing Director, Seriously Digital Entertainment

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