Heel Biologische GmBH

Project Info

Client Heel GmBH
Website www.heel.com

Project Description

The very well known and respected German pharmaceuticals company “Heel” contacted me in 2017 to produce Christmas gifts for their various international subsidiaries.

The resulting snow globes are a bright, spring feel setting featuring tiny little replicas of three of Heel’s most popular natural medicines. Accompanying the miniature boxes are tiny little hand sculpted figures representing each of the medicine’s applications.

Traumeel – a product designed to help with the pain from musculoskeletal injuries – features a tiny little soccer player next to the box.

Naurexan, a natural sleep aid, features a slumbering figurine on an island hammock on top of the box.

And finally Vertigoheel is a homeopathic motion sickness and vertigo treatment – assisting balance – and so features a ballerina, mid-pirouette.

I love the freshness of this setting with the green grass, white base and bold green logo. Very different, and lovely to add such an esteemed company to my portfolio!

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