What size are your snow globes?

My company makes two sizes of single custom snow globes, and four sizes of quantity custom globes. If you’re ordering a single custom globe, you can choose between 120mm diameter and 150mm diameter. The 120mm stands at 150mm tall when assembled, and weighs around 1.2g. The 150mm diameter globe stands at 180mm when assembled, and weighs around 3kg. If you are interested in getting quantities produced, you can choose from 65mm, 80mm, 100mm, and 120mm sizes. Here’s a basic visual chart to help you see the sizing better.

How much do they cost?

My single custom globes start at $599 USD – see all the pricing options here. Quantities cost substantially less the more you order – you can see some pricing indications here. For a personal quote based on your required quantities, just complete the quantity enquiry form

Where are your single globes made?

I started out making single custom globes from my home office in Melbourne, Australia. I used pre-made figurines to create personalised settings, but as demand increased – at one stage I had a 12 month wait for single custom globes – I started getting asked for much more detailed settings requiring sculpting work, as well as larger quantities, so I needed to expand my production capabilities. I now have a wonderful young sculptor named Alvin, who works for me from his home in Northern China, doing incredible sculpting work for my single custom globes. He is extremely talented and has taken my settings to the next level. As demand and costs increase, especially for freight, Alvin is also starting to do some assembly work for me. Sometimes, he’ll ship single globes direct to customers, which is why they may be shipped from China. Please rest assured that this is in no way a compromise on the quality of my snow globes – it is actually the opposite and my costs are higher as a result, but the globes are so much better than when I first started.

Where are your quantity globes made?

When I first started getting asked for quantity delivery, I scoured everywhere looking for the best production team. The team I decided to work with is  based in Southern China and is a very small specialist arts and crafts team, including an incredibly talented sculptor plus painters, assemblers and engineers. I could not find a team anywhere else that offered this kind of quality work, and that were prepared to make such small runs (we do as little as 24 globes – most factories, even outside of China won’t make less than 500!). As you can tell from my pricing it’s far from the cheapest, but in my opinion, definitely the best. My team is extremely well paid and we work together to create the best product, not the cheapest. In addition, production anywhere else of these low quantities would have made the unit price unaffordable. As an example, my Limited Edition globes, if manufactured anywhere other than China, would probably have to sell for around $500. In 2016 I elected to have Alvin ship them directly from China in order to meet a lower freight cost, as the freight cost from me to the USA in 2015 was $89 USD. This year, having them shipped direct, I could offer a $19 flat rate charge for world-wide freight.

How long does it take to make a custom snow globe?

Each snow globe I or my team make is a very unique creation – no two globes are ever the same, so it really varies. Some small globes can take anything from 7-10 hours for the sculpture and setting, plus drying and curing time – up to a total of 50+ hours! Larger globes can take a lot longer. Depending on how many custom snow globes are currently in the official queue, it could take anywhere from 8 weeks to 12 months to receive your snow globe. I will advise you of the current wait time when you enquire. Quantity orders usually take about 60 days from our first agreement on the design.

What's the story with your Collectible Snow Globes?

In 2015 decided to create my own range of limited edition collectible snow globes because I had so many people asking for custom pieces, and I just couldn’t keep up. I was turning down so many potential customers due to time constraints, and I felt that surely there must be some way to help people to get a unique, beautiful and meaningful gift, without them having to wait 12 months. So I decided I would start creating my own designs – I started out with the “Cherry Blossom Time” snow globe and in 2016 I’ve released “WinterGreen”

Can I order quantities of custom snow globes?

You most certainly can. I have an amazing team of sculptors, painters, glass blowers and specialist engineers who can create your dream design from scratch, and then make multiples. Whether you need 24 globes or 24,0000, my team can make it happen. Find out more about the process in this blog post I wrote and visit the enquiry page.

How can I make snow globes myself?

Check out the DIY Snow Globes page for free step-by-step videos on how to make a basic snow globe at home. If you want to take it up a notch, check out “Snow Globes 101 – The Ultimate Guide To Making A Professional Snow Globe” – the only resource you’ll ever need to make your own professional snow globe. This detailed course features a handy eBook plus a 9-step video course.

Can I order a replica of one of your historic globes?

Providing all the same materials are still available, and there are no copyright issues, I can make replicas of previous globes. Due to the nature of the hand-making process it will still be quite unique if you were to compare the original and the new snow globes side-by-side.

What are they made of?

All my single custom globes feature a glass globe, with a dark wood look resin base. The inner setting is usually made of polymer clay. For quantities, the inner setting is made of moulded resin from an original clay sculpture. The base is also made of moulded resin, and all my globes are glass. I do not offer plastic snow domes.

Can you include a music box?

My single globe kits are not designed to fit a music box. I can incorporate them in quantity orders however it’s important to note that music boxes are often readily available only in very traditional tunes, due to copyright restrictions. If a music box is not already produced, you will need to provide me with the copyright release and music notation in order to get custom music boxes made and fitted.