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Client Craig Ferguson - The Final Late Late Show Episode

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Cathy from CBS contacted me back in August 2014 to ask if I could make a snow globe to represent the very wonderful Craig Ferguson and his Late Late Show compadres, Geoff the robot skeleton, and Secretariat the horse – wow, what an exciting and amazing opportunity.

I’ve always enjoyed watching Craig, even back to the old Drew Carey show days, and whenever I happened to be up late, I really enjoyed watching the extremely wacky and original Late Late Show – it was like no other talk show ever made! So to be asked to be a part of Craig’s final season was a real honour.

This snow globe was a tough one and it involved quite a few iterations, but I got it done and in the post just in time!

I experienced a number of issues with the figure to represent Secretariat (the pantomime horse). Initially I wanted to modify a normal horse figurine to give him the look of a costume, rather than the usual sleek horse’s body. That caused issues when he was placed next to the (rather too small) figurine to represent Craig. After a few iterations I ended up ordering a larger scale figure for Craig, and had it custom painted by my good friend John at Brunel Hobbies. You can check out some of his fantastic miniature work at World Crisis in Miniature.

Then there was the HUGE challenge of finding a skeleton figure (Geoff, the robot skeleton) at the scale required – I had no luck, so instead decided I would try my hand at sculpting just the tiny little head, and then housing it on a headless figurine. After a few iterations there as well, I managed to get the three figures in relative scale with each other.

I sent the globe to Cathy, not knowing how or when it would be used on the show. Slowly but surely the weeks ticked on and I started wondering if they were going to use it at all. Then I received an email from Cathy telling me I should definitely watch the final show. That in itself was pretty amazing – to be part of the final show. I still didn’t know how they were going to use the globe, and my heart just about burst with pride seeing the final scene, which you can watch below.

After the finale aired I received more than 200 requests to buy a copy of the globe – unfortunately I was unable to do so due to copyright restrictions. While it would have made an amazing difference to my business, I just felt so honoured to have made this special snow globe – every time I watch the clip, I feel a swell of pride, coupled with disbelief.

Enjoy 🙂

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