Netflix TV Series “Narcos”

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Client NARCOS - Gaumont International Television, West Hollywood, California

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Another instalment in my gallery of high profile snow globes, this cheeky design featuring bags of cocaine, a razor blade and a tiny rolled up $100 bill is for Gaumont Television, the company responsible for the Netflix hit tv show “Narcos”.

Based on the 1980’s and early 90’s exploits of Columbian drug king Pablo Escobar, this series is incredibly gritty, realistic, beautifully acted and, like many Netflix series, totally addictive. In addition, the show was recently nominated for two Golden Globe Awards.

Gaumont Television, part of the legendary European production company, have produced an incredible piece of television with “Narcos”, which is in addition to their recent production of the three-season series “Hannibal”, one of my favourite shows of all time.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching the first series and can’t wait for more. So it’s another huge honour to have produced these pieces for Rachel and the folks at Gaumont Television in Hollywood.

Rachel and I went back and forth quite a few times, particularly to get that paint finish perfect. In the end, the finished globes have proven a huge hit.

Got them, they look great! Thank you!! 🙂 …Rachel

Thanks to Rachel and Gaumont Television for choosing Queen Of Snow Globes to make this design – I’m very proud that they’ll be seen around the world and I’m delighted to have played a small part of promoting this superb TV series.



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    1. admin

      Hi Anthony, I’m afraid this was a limited run exclusively for the cast, crew and for promotional purposes and was not produced for public sale. If that changes in the future I’ll be sure to mention it here and on my facebook page!

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