Fashion House “Poem Bangkok”

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Client Poem Fashion Thailand

Project Description


Tharinee and her team needed me to create snow globes for their fashion brand “Poem”, featuring a statuesque model, along with miniature versions of fashion designers Mr Sean and Mrs Osasri.

This was the first design where I called on some help from my incredible assistant Alvin. He created the design for me based on Tharinee’s brief, in a 3D visual which is even more realistic again than recent design visuals I’ve made!

The design required the 3 miniature sculptures, as well as an engraving around the inner circle of the setting, to memorialise the company’s 10th anniversary.

Topping off the finished and assembled globes were tiny gold stars inside each, and a gold emblazoned logo on the base.

The snowglobe is stunning! We love it very much. Thank you for being so delicate in every detail….Tharinee

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