Bear River Band

Project Info

Client Bear River Band of Rohnerville Rancheria - Loleta, California

Project Description


Deborah and her boss wanted to create a really rustic looking globe to represent the wilderness of the area, so they sent me across this image they liked with the very organic looking base.

They also requested that we feature a traditional Native American cabin from the region, as well as the native Redwood Trees, rather than the usual pine tree design. The final touch was a black bear with resplendent Santa hat

This Tribe was originally established in 1910 as a home for homeless, landless Native American Indians. In 1958, Rohnerville Rancheria was one of 34 California tribes that was terminated by an act of congress known as the Rancheria Act. Then in December of 1983, the tribe regained their federal recognition status by a class action lawsuit known as the Tillie-Hardwick case.

I feel extremely honoured to make these snow globes for the Bear River Band tribe – I’m a passionate supporter of indigenous rights and it makes me very proud to contribute to their story in some small way.

The globes are beautiful! HR thinks they are wonderful! We are giving them out on Saturday for the employee party. Thanks so much for all your hard work.…Deborah

Thanks to Deborah and her boss for trusting me to make these beautiful snow globes. Yet another stop for me on my future trip across America – I really want to see one of those plank houses!



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