Camelback Mountain

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Client Mountain Rags Arizona

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This design took a while to come to life, but boy, was it worth it! Lisa contacted me at the start of 2016, wanting to talk about a re-boot of some snow globes she had made with another manufacturer. In addition to wanting to take the design to the next level, her previous supplier had actually closed down, so she was forced to look at a re-design.

Taking snow globes to a whole new level is a lot of fun with clients like Lisa, who are prepared to take a risk, trusting of my guidance and keen to make a splash with a gorgeous, modern and detailed design.

Lisa’s original snow globes

Lisa wanted to keep some of the elements from her old globe that she liked – in particular, the faithful shape of the distinctive Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona, as well as the little runners and hikers on the mountain.

The original globe is only a 65mm piece, but Lisa put her money where her mouth is and ordered 120mm globes, so we could really have an impact with amazing detail.

In addition to the distinctive mountain, we added some native cacti as well as local wildlife including a rattlesnake and a lizard known as a “chuckwalla”. Finally, the Phoenix skyline is featured at the base of the mountain.

I took great delight in showing Lisa her finished snow globe in person, when she visited me at the recent Las Vegas Souvenir and Gift Show. Photos NEVER do justice to snow globes and this was no exception. Lisa was so captivated by her new globe, and it was such a lovely experience to see her first reaction in person.

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Camelback Mountain custom snow globes from Queen Of Snow Globes on Vimeo.

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