Birthplace of Aviation

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Client Global Love Dayton

Project Description

It was an absolute honour to produce these custom snow globes for Kelly, of Dayton Ohio. Kelly tracked me down through a friend of hers, and one of my past clients, Ricia from Victoria Theatre in Dayton Ohio.

Kelly plans to create a series of different snow globes representing landmarks from her home town of Dayton. This first globe represents the very famous Wright Brothers, who started their history-making journey as residents of Dayton.

The snow globe features:

  • The bicycle shop where the brothers originally worked
  • The field they first flew from, including the catapult and memorial stone
  • The mansion they owned after becoming famous
  • The Dayton bell tower
  • One of the brothers’ signature fliers

Kelly was a wonderful and enthusiastic client to work with throughout the production process, and I had the pleasure of meeting her in person recently, when she travelled to the Las Vegas Souvenir and Gift Show just to see me! I can’t wait to work on more of Kelly’s wonderful designs in the coming months and years!









Birth of Aviation custom snow globes from Queen Of Snow Globes on Vimeo.

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