Tulsa, Oklahoma

Project Info

Client Ida Red Boutique

Project Description

Well, this amazing project is definitely one of the most intricate and complex designs I’ve ever completed.

Angelene from Tulsa’s premier gift store Ida Red Boutique, contacted me to make a brand new Tulsa city snow globe. There were two old globes, originally made by Saks Fifth Avenue, which are now very rare and hard to get hold of. Angelene regularly had customers asking for a Tulsa snow globe, so she wanted to make them a reality in 2016!

We started out by clarifying which buildings and landmarks Angelene wanted inside the globe. Working with basic sketches and roofline views of each building (thanks Google Earth!), the layout was decided. Then we moved on to the actual sculpt. Each one of the buildings is a separate little model, that slots into the base once completed. The level of detail achieved by The Queen’s sculptor is enviable – I am so proud of what we’ve achieved with this globe.

We revised the paint finish 3 times to get the level of detail Angelene wanted in her snow globes. We also produced custom gift boxes for each globe to be packed in. Having already taken pre-orders for nearly 2/3 of the globes ordered, Angelene was definitely on to something when she decided to get these made!

Love my globes! They exceeded my expectations. We are going to be making lots of snow globes together! Angelene

I’m so pleased to have completed this design – the other cool thing is that it represents the first true city/tourist style snow globe my company has made. I think it sets the bar for quality!

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