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Client Third Man Records - Nashville, Tennessee

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Super cool record company “Third Man Records” is owned by Jack White, of The White Stripes, and you’ll find them in the music capital of the States – Nashville, Tennessee.

In 2015, Jenna and Nathanio from TMR Marketing asked me to recreate the Nashville store, featuring their iconic “Tesla Tower” inside a 120mm snow globe. This year, we added to the mix with a recreation of the Detroit store as well!

Third Man Records’ Nashville outlet was opened in 2009, housing a record store, novelties lounge, label offices and distribution centre, photo studio, and the world’s only live venue with direct-to-acetate recording capabilities

As a musician myself, and having a husband who owns a recording studio, I’m extremely honoured to be making these snow globes for such a passionate company that’s clearly invested in the importance of music.


We did quite a few revisions of both the sculpt and the paint finish for this globe, and you can certainly see the amount of detail.

This is the second year in a row Third Man Records has requested Queen of Snow Globes to make custom snow globes for us. The care that is put into the product, attention to detail, and amazing customer service has made Queen of Snow Globes one of our favorite companies to work with. Nathanio


Thanks to Nathanio and Jenna for choosing me to create these snow globes. Third Man Records in Nashville and Detroit is sure to be another stop on my future dream trip across the States!






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  1. Aaron

    Were these snow globes made in a small batch for Third Man Records or made in a large number to sell in their store? I’d love to stop by the store and pick one up.

    1. admin

      Hi Aaron, thanks for your comment, I’m glad you like the snow globe 🙂 My company made them for TMR in relatively small numbers, so I think perhaps they are for staff or client gifts rather than to sell. Couldn’t hurt to ask though, if you’re in the area. All the best, Leah

    1. admin

      Hi Mike, oooh I’d love to but I’m so sorry, these were made just for TMR and they’re not for public sale. I’ve let the folks at TMR know that lots of people have been asking to buy them, so you never know, they might decide to get some more for sale! Good luck 🙂

    1. admin

      Hi Josh, I’m so sorry but these were made just for TMR – I’ve let them know that their fans are eager to buy, so you never know what could happen!

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