Victoria Theatre

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Client Victoria Theatre - Dayton, Ohio

Project Description


The ladies from the marketing team at Victoria Theatre, in Dayton, Ohio wanted to create a memorial snow globe to celebrate the 150th birthday of this beautiful historic theatre.

The design concept was very simple – represent this gorgeous heritage building inside a snow globe.

I always really enjoy the research phase and this project in particular really caught my attention – Victoria Theatre is an absolutely beautiful building with a ton of wonderful history, so I was really excited to start.

We did quite a few revisions of both the sculpt and the paint finish for this globe, and you can certainly see the amount of detail. The sculpture itself is about 5cm in width, so I’m very pleased with the results here and I know that Sue, Ricia and the rest of the marketing team at Victoria Theatre are too

Oh My Goodness!!! They’re beautiful – we are soooooooooooo excited!…Ricia

Thanks to Sue and Ricia for choosing me to make these beautiful pieces – the design is one of my favourites so far and I know if I’m ever in Ohio, I’ll be making a special visit to see the theatre and take in the show of the day.

People love the snow globes! I love to see them smile when they look at the detail and make it snow. They are just beautiful….Ricia



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