VIP gifts
Commission The Queen to create your
own custom promotional pieces, party 
favors or VIP/appreciation gifts.
The Queen was commissioned to make 600 snow globes 
for the cast, crew & promotion of Quentin Tarantino's
long awaited feature film "The Hateful Eight."
Snow Globes For The Stars
Thank your valued employees & VIP
clients, while upholding your brand
in style.
Collector Edition 2016
Last Days: 2016 Limited Edition "WinterGreen"  
Hurry and order yours, before they're gone forever.
Steve's snow globes feature miniature sculptures 
of Hollywood's comedy elite,  including Mel Brooks,
Tina Fey, Jack Black, Diane Keaton and many more...
Steve Martin's AFI Award
Record company owned by enigmatic frontman of
The White Stripes gets its iconic buildings
sculpted in two magical, snowy worlds.
A Jack White Christmas
Gaumont Television have taken the other meaning
for "snow" to a whole new level with these custom snow
globes, made exclusively for Netflix's hit show "Narcos"
Another kind of snow

Bulk Ordering

From wedding favours to corporate gifts and promotional pieces, my talented team can produce the perfect design in exact quantities. 

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Collectible Limited Editions

Gorgeous, unique design and limited production – my Limited Edition Snow Globes are destined to become collector’s pieces.

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Design Your Own Globe

A single, unique snow globe for someone you love. Let me make you a custom snow globe that will be treasured for years to come. 

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Who Is The Queen of Snow Globes?

Hi, my name is Leah, and I’m the Queen Of Snow Globes. 

My team and I bring imaginations to life within the snowy miniature world of the iconic snow globe. Far from kitsch, my custom snow globes are unique works of art – my company has made snow globes for Hollywood’s Biggest Stars, TV shows, UK documentaries, and countless businesses and individuals who needed a unique and beautiful gift. 

Whether you’re looking for a collectible piece, a single custom globe, giftware or you need quantities for wedding favors or corporate gifts, I can make your dream design into a reality. 

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