Leah-transp BGI specialise in making hand-made, Custom Snow Globes.

I can take almost any idea you have, and turn it into an incredible, unique Custom Snow Globe.

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I ship world-wide and it’s my personal goal to ensure every single customer of mine is a raving fan!

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Large Custom Horse Themed Snow Globe 9I specialise in making very unique, one-of-a-kind, hand-made Snow Globes.

I’ve spent four years perfecting these works of art, and I hope you’ll agree they’re like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

After a long and fruitless search for a unique, hand-made snow globe to buy as a gift, I decided to try my hand at making one instead, and was hooked from that moment on – that was in 2011.

In January 2014, I decided to launch my own snow globe business, after 3 years of practice and improvement.

Most of the snow globes you’ll find in stores and online today are commercial, mass market products for childen, with teddy bears, merry-go-rounds and the like.

Other snow globes are more on the kitschy side – you know those plastic snow domes you can pick up as a tourist souvenir? And of course the biggest player in the snow globe world has always been the Disney character range.

Whilst I love all those different globe styles, and appreciate what they represent, I wanted to make something completely different.

My goal is to ensure that every single one of my hand-made snow globes are completely and utterly unique – they’re like my little babies and I name each one personally. When you order one of my custom snow globes, you know that nobody else in the world has anything quite like it.

I truly hope you enjoy looking through all my snow globes and resources here – may they bring some happiness and magic to your day!

Custom Designed

I’ve been fascinated with snow globes for many years, because they have the distinct ability to create wonder, happiness and a little bit of magic.

A well made snow globe is like it’s own universe – looking into one you can almost imagine being inside it, safe and protected from the troubles of the real world.

This escape into a safe and beautiful landscape gives a reprieve from those daily cares, and in the very act of being in wonder, we are completely and utterly in the moment. And that’s all there ever is.

Apart from the fact that I really love the creative process of building my snow globes, I believe with all my heart that they can bring happiness and magic to people everywhere, regardless of age, race, religion or any other division that humanity has created.

It is my heartfelt intention that my snow globes will help people all over the world to smile, forget their cares and be in wonder, if only for a moment.

Custom Snow Globe Gallery


The snowglobe has just arrived, and it is even better than I was expecting. Everyone at the office is quite taken with it! Many thanks for a job well done.

- Euros, Wales

None of the pictures Leah sent prepared me for how absolutely amazing the snow globe was. It is everything I asked for and more! I can’t wait to give my wife her new snow globe next weekend. Thank you Leah for all your hard work, I couldn’t ask for a better experience! (Read more…)

- Jason, Connecticut

I’ve seen the usual souvenir shop snow globes but when I saw the stuff you have on offer, my jaw dropped. Really lovely & seriously spectacular stuff too! Please send me the “Go For Gold Skippy” mini snow globe.

- John, Footscray
Tate loves playing with his rabbit snow globe – even now he still stares at it in wonder! - Hailee, Malvern

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Comments ( 16 )

  • Congratulations on the establishment of the website!
    I support you from Japan.

  • Sanjana

    hi dear
    yr designs are beautiful.
    i m going to meet my boyfriend fr another county for d first time can a snow globe done.w.his n mine photo

  • AJ

    I’d like to make one asking for my partners hand in marriage?

    • Hey AJ – great idea! I’d love to make a “proposal snow globe” for you :) – just complete the enquiry form here and I can give you some more details of design ideas. Talk soon, Leah (aka The Queen)

  • Emily

    Looking for a snowglobe for my friends wedding. Was thinking of just two grown up statues and a child on either side that I can have the base personalized.

    • Hi Emily, I can definitely make this for you, and we could put an engraved plate on the base to personalise it :) – just complete the enquiry form here and I can give you some more details and ideas. Talk soon, Leah

  • Annette Poindexter

    I would like to inquire about small snow globes with an old fashioned Christmas theme that incorporates our business of blueberries somehow.

    • Hi Annette, I’d love to make this for you – maybe it could be a traditional Christmas wreath with blueberries entwined? Just a quick idea off the top of my head :) – please head to my custom snow globes page and complete the enquiry form there. I’ll be in touch soon afterwards. Best, Leah

  • Sharon Anderson

    I have seen your pictures and globes and I will be contacting you.

    • I look forward to hearing from you Sharon! :)

  • Amethyst

    I was considering buying the kissing kitties snow globe for my boyfriend but was wondering if the flower pin on front had to be there or if it could be removed to be less feminine

    • Hi Amethyst, thanks for your question – yes I can definitely remove the flower pin, no problem at all. If you’d like to order it, please go ahead and I will talk to you more via email after I receive the order. We could also swap the ribbon out for something you like better (maybe a rope border or replace the ribbon with your BF’s favourite colour or something like that?) Talk soon! Leah :)

  • Kelsie

    Hi. I can’t seem to fin where your located or prices or shipping or anything like that. But I was wondering. If you could make a wind turbine snow globe for me. Hust with some rolling hills and maybe a couple cows or a barn or somethjng. And how much (roughly) and if you ship Ect. Thanks.

    • Hi Kelsie, thanks for stopping by! I have all my custom snow globe prices listed in my shop – here’s a link and the shop is also accessible via the top (main) menu as you can see above. Prices are also listed on my custom snow globe page. Your idea is great, and I’d love to make this for you! I can ship worldwide and the freight cost of course depends on where you live. Please complete the form on the custom snow globes page and I’ll be in touch soon after to discuss further. Thanks! Leah :)

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