Very Happy Customers

Queen Of Snow Globes sets out to make the most incredibly personalized snow globes you can's what happy clients have to say about the experience.

I can tell how much she loves the snow globe, because it seems she can’t decide where she wants to place it the most. She’s always moving it to high traffic locations throughout the house where she spends time during the day!

Dennis, Indiana

He got the snow globe today and was SPEECHLESS. It’s now sitting on the windowsill in his office next to a basketball used in High School Musical (signed by the entire cast) and two of his Kids Choice Awards…

Jonathon, Los Angeles

I received my cherry blossom snow globe yesterday and it is even lovelier than the pictures. I can just picture myself sitting on that little bench, maybe reading a book or just relaxing. It’s such a peaceful setting. Thank you very much!

Lee, Jacksonville

Hi Leah, I just received the snow globe – it’s beautiful, thank you so much. My fiance was floored when I gave it to her. She couldn’t believe the detail and how you actually captured that night 20 years ago.

John, Rancho Cucamonga, USA

I loved how excited Leah was to start my project. She constantly contacted me with any changes, or decisions that needed to be made. She would always offer her opinion to make it better, but didn’t push me to go her direction. She wanted the globe to be perfect for my wife. I really liked how she sent updated pictures as the project progressed. None of the pictures she sent prepared me for how absolutely amazing the globe was. The globe is everything I asked for and more! I can’t wait to give my wife her new globe next weekend.

Jason, Connecticut, USA

Yes, she’s the Queen, but she loves to serve! It was a delight working with Leah (aka the Queen) to produce a unique snow globe for my fiancé. I just laid out my unorthodox idea, and she took it from there. She was always the perfect blend of gentle firmness in her suggestions, ultimately leaving the decisions in my hands. She even went out of her way to find a special figurine. When it was finished, the globe arrived in less than a week, perfectly packaged. The complete experience!

Bradley, Indiana, USA